1 - Frequently Asked Questions
At KayJayPro, we've done our best to create a Web site that anticipates and satisfies our customers' needs. With that goal in mind, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions.
2 - Subscriptions
Can I cancel at anytime? Yes, and you will still have access until the subscription end date. In any disputes though as this is subscription ware absolutely no refunds are offered that is why we offer try before you buy.
3 - Updates
How often is the data refreshed? The team at KayJayPro update as soon as details are received of new releases, however this may take up to 48 hours to be on the live databases.
4 - Connecting
I am a developer of other karaoke software and would like to use your database as a source - can I connect directly to it? Yes when developing the applications, however if any production software wishes to connect then there should be an option for your users to subscribe to our services.
5 - Try Before You Buy
The disc I am searching for has 15 tracks but I am only seeing 7 when I search why is this? Try before you buy is a service to give you the idea of the quality and ability of the database to satisfy your needs, results are limited to ensure that “connecting” above is not used to try and gain un-authorised access.
6 - Disc Not Listed
I have purchased a disc that is not currently in the database and I have waited 48 hours for it to show? This does happen when manufacturers either release non pre-advertised releases or for other reasons please email admin2 (at) kayjaypro.com to provide details.
7 - Manufacturers/Producers
Our discs are not listed, can we send you information in advance? KayJayPro want to ensure a complete database, please email admin2 (at) kayjaypro.com to provide details.
8 - How Can I Contact You?
email us at admin (at) kayjaypro.com
9 - Alternatives
I used to use a similar Karaoke Book Maker who used to provide database updates, will you be doing the same? We had originally thought about doing that, but there were simply too many versions of older software and security implications. So, we decided to offer additional secure services for our subscribers instead.
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