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1 - KayJayPro


KayJayPro.com the one stop shop for Karaoke enthusiasts and professional KJs.
Using a common database of cleaned karaoke tracks using the following

..Manufacturers or Producers
.... Series produced by above
...... Disks in each series
.........Tracks on the disks.
Maintained in the DISC-TRACK - ARTIST - TITLE format

We are able to offer
- Online Karaoke Search (OKS) : Search by Manufacturer, Series, Disc Reference, Artist or Title.
- Karaoke Zip File Renamer (ZFR) : Rename Karaoke CD+G zipped files, including the paired .cdg/.mp3 inside.
- Karaoke Book/List Maker (KBM) : Create a Karaoke Song Book/List in real-time
- Karaoke Book/List Maker - Enhanced : As above but additional functionality - view online at venues etc.  


2 - Updates


Try our You Tube Channel for help videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4DYGr9JyRVCGErBLc4Fs5Q