KayJayPro is proud to present our own Karaoke Zip File Renaming application (ZFR)

It is capable of reading zipped karaoke files from your hard drive, then looking up the filename against our database
and then giving you the option of renaming the filenames in 4 different ways.

1 - Disc-Track - Artist - Title (default)
2 - Disc-Track - Title - Artist
3 - Artist - Title - Disc-Track
4 - Title - Artist - Disc-Track

This application is licenced for ONE machine only and is only functional while your subscription to KayJayPro remains active

Run the installer from this link. Right Click, Save is best, then right click Run as Administrator.

If when running the application your username and password are not being saved, set the application properties to run as administrator

Download the installer or the help guides using the links below

If you would like to contribute updates or corrections to the database, please email us. 

Download the Installer Here
Download the Help Guide Here
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