Renaming Files Requires these easy steps  
1. Select to rename either single or multiple folder(s) containing the zips you want renaming  
2. Choose your output Name Formatting selection (default is D-T - A - T) and whether you want ZFR to also rename inside the zip files ( the .cdg and .mp3)  
3. Make List - this allows our Zip File Renamer (ZFR) to check the filenames before doing anything else. Please note only Folder with 5000 or less zip files will be processed by ZFR.  
4. Once the pop up box appears to confirm the number of files that have been processed, click the Find Renamed Files box. While ZFR communicates with our server file by file a progress bar appears and once all filenames have been analysed a summary appears.  
5.0 The summary box has 3 options.  
5.1 will show any filenames that do not conform to any of the karaoke zip file naming conventions - if these appear you will need to i. move them from that location ii. rename manually before ZFR will be able to continue - additionally once this is complete, you will have to start from 3. above once more.  
5.2 allows you to review all files that ZFR has found differences in the original filename and the KayJayPro naming of those files - At this point you have a choice whether to continue or not  
5.3 Process the files, will rename all zip filenames in the Selected Folder

* there is no undo facility however you can rename back by choosing the original Name Formatting in 2 above and repeat the steps.

KayJayPro Zip File Renamer comes with a help guide which is available within the KJPRenamer installation folder, however if you would like to see screen shots etc it is also available on this link
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